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Show me one more cube and I will die. Fuck you Ungers. There is more to minimalism than boring people. 

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i miss you. come back. 
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Just wanted to reflect on today’s history lecture. You can probably guess by the plan you see posted of how the class probably went.
Let me tell you how my professor explained this building to us: “This is a plan of a brothel. The lower area is the waiting space. The space in the middle is where the deed gets done. The top space is a place for the men to gather and smoke cigars, the smoke rises and exits the building above.”
And my professor said this all with a straight face on! I mean he said it quite comically, but with no laughing. I don’t even know how to handle this!
Building: Oikema by Claude Nicolas Ledoux
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I could totally see Emmanuel having so much fun with this in lecture. French people LOL
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By Yasemin Tarhan and Hochung Kim

Student work from the Yale School of Architecture. See more photos over on the YSOA image bank on Tumblr!

!!!! Yas is my most favorite TA I’ve had at Yale! So nice to see the work they’ve done.
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